How to get more from your digital communication

Blog_icon_expert-advice-for-great-digital-presentationsCustomers increasingly expect the rich interactions and relevant information that technology makes possible. Are your reps able to provide it?

To help you get more from your tools, we present our top tips – drawing on more than 15 years’ digital sales experience.

There’s always a story

Every product has a unique angle – you just need to find it! Great digital presentations start with a great messaging strategy, focusing the communication on a product’s strengths right from the start.

Think ‘problem first, proof second’

Highlight your product’s claims rather than proofs. With digital communication, space isn’t a problem. So you can have all the supporting data you need filed away, with your product benefits placed front and centre.

Design a dialogue

Empower your sales force to have meaningful conversations. Get physicians talking about the science with easy-to-understand animations and visuals.

Avoid group-think

Try switching your approach away from one-size-fits-all campaigns. Instead ask how technology can help your communicate on a one-to-one basis. You might be surprised by what’s possible.

Interaction brings understanding

The more engaging something is, the more it will be remembered. Use the power of digital interaction and see customers’ message retention rise from approx 20% to around 80%.

Put the doctor in charge

Use the technology to ask customers what matters to them instead of pushing pre-defined topics. That way you become relevant to their needs – matching each physician’s personal interests.

Raise the bar

If you find your sales teams resisting, make it clear that this is necessary to do something entirely new: individualized communication. And then explain that the only way to make this happen is with the right technology.


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