The right strategy for CLM and e-detailing

Blog_icon_the-marketing-strategy-that-gets-more-from-CLM-and-edetailingHave you found that e-detailing technology has improved your customer communication? Or has nothing really changed? 

If it’s the latter, perhaps it’s time to update your digital marketing strategies – and get more from the technology.


The real benefit of the e-detailing technology

It may sound counter-intuitive but ‘going digital’ really is more about strategy than technology.

We can apply old thinking to new technology but it’s better to think afresh – designing communications that make the most of the possibilities that digital offers to do something new.

What technology can do – which paper-based communications cannot – is make your marketing relevant on an individual level.

It’s easy once the right methodology is in place but unless we update our strategies along with our technology, we’re really not doing much more than transferring paper-based communications to the screen.

Be relevant to each customer

Here’s a very short story that explains why we need a new strategy:

You wake up one morning and go and check your mail.

In your postbox is a letter addressed to someone else. Being a nice person, you write “delivered to the wrong address – return to sender” on the envelope and post it onwards.

The next morning you find another letter, also not addressed to you.

Then again the following day.

And again.

Eventually you just throw them in the trash, annoyed each time.

This is how traditional ‘pushy’ communication feels to your audience: it doesn’t address their needs or personal situation and so it doesn’t have much value. Adding technology to this strategy isn’t really adding much.

Switch from push to pull

You can do ‘pushy’ e-detailing but at Anthill we believe that it’s far better to try ‘pull communication’.

Here’s the difference:

  • a push communication tells what I want you to know
  • a pull communication reveals what you need to know

The perfect fit for CLM & e-detailing

Closed loop marketing and e-detailing are the perfect fit for pull communication. The technology gives you the opportunity to first uncover what each customer needs to know on a topic. And then it provides the flexibility to address these issues in ways that are relevant to each individual.

The key point is that technology will do what we tell it to. What are you asking your technology to do?

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