How to make your CLM messages more convincing

06_creative meetings_lowresCredibility is so important in e-detailing. In order to be effective you need customers to have true belief in your product, not just awareness.

So how to create it?


Build your case step-by-step

Because the first challenge of e-detailing is getting customers to understand the specific problem that your treatment solves, you don’t want to focus on your product too early.

If you start out by discussing your product before you’ve built a case for it, healthcare professionals won’t understand the need or find your communication very credible.

Keep it ‘unbranded’ until the problem is understood

First customers have to believe that there really is a problem. Then they need to fully understand the problem and its implications.

That’s why much of your e-detailing presentation will be ‘unbranded’ in the sense that it discusses on the treatment area and focuses on the issues that your product addresses.

But once customers are convinced of the problem, they will start looking for solutions. At that moment they are ready to hear about your product. Now you can switch to ‘branded’ communication.

Always quantify your messages

Even though you have built a case, you still want your messages to be convincing. Simply telling about your solution isn’t enough.

‘A faster-acting treatment’ might be the answer to the problem you have defined but it becomes a powerful message when it is quantified.

So if the product works faster than the competition, it’s necessary to ask how much faster? If ultimately the product reduces patient sick days from work, then how many days does it save?

By quantifying our messages, we make them powerful – customers understand that this is not just an answer to the problem, it is a great answer.

Healthcare professionals first want to understand the problem, then they want to hear what it is that your product does better than the competition. And then they want to see how much better.

Get these fundamentals right and your e-detailing and closed loop marketing materials will be much more effective.

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