Why e-detailing must give options to healthcare professionals

Close up of young male doctor using digital tabletPreviously we’ve explained how your e-detailing and CLM materials can be made more credible by building a case and quantifying your messages.

That’s the first credibility step. Now you are ready to take it further.


First describe the problem

Most e-detailing materials suffer by not first explaining the problem that the treatment solves – diving into the solution before the customer is ready to hear about it.

Even when the problem has been explained, there’s one more thing to do before you raise the curtain on your treatment.

We know, we know. You want to talk about the treatment, but this really is an essential step that will make your e-detailing even more credible.

Then allow healthcare professionals to review the options

Sadly most e-detailing materials do not first lay the groundwork for a product. Even when they do, there’s a tendency to set up a problem and then immediately start talking about how a product answers it.

That’s not very credible.

When buying a car you study the alternatives. When choosing a house you look to see what is on the market. Looking at the options is fundamental to how people make decisions.

It’s just the same with e-detailing: you need to enable healthcare professionals to review the treatment alternatives. Once they have understood the options and found them lacking, they are open to hearing about your product.

Why your product is always the right option

It’s important to remember that these options are considered in the light of the problem that you have defined.

If you’ve designed your e-detailing argumentation correctly, you will be communicating a unique problem that your product solves.

That means that your product must be the right answer. But you need to allow healthcare professionals to explore the options and come to this conclusion themselves.

How this boosts your credibility

The ability to review options is not just fundamental to the decision-making process, it also demonstrates huge credibility on your part.

You don’t pretend that there is only one treatment but rather lay out the options and enable healthcare professionals to explore them in depth.

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