Job opening: Developer for digital agency (closed)

Most of our solutions are created using web-technologies, so we expect you to be well-equipped for development across browsers and platforms.

At any point in time, we have more than 20 different development projects running, with durations ranging from weeks to months. You will be one of the internal experts, expected to be able to jump in and take the end-to-end development on smaller projects, and work as a key part of the team during larger projects.

Being curious and passionate about the technologies used, you will also be contributing to creation and improvement of our internal development tools, training of vendors, and providing a technical perspective to the organization’s other departments.


We expect candidates to have experience building and maintaining web-based solutions, using various different technologies. Required technologies include:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript (including common frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS, knockout or similar)
  • CSS3
  • Node.js

As we always strive to stay modern and relevant, working knowledge of the following will be considered a big plus:

  • CoffeeScript
  • Jade
  • Stylus/SASS

You will also be expected to have basic knowledge of Photoshop, as the design files required will be provided in PSD format.

Skills & Experience

As part of very fast-paced development setup, it’s important that you are comfortable working in teams across disciplines, e.g. working with designers and art directors, our commercial team, and our external vendors.

Having experience in the following skills is therefore crucial to yours and our success:

  • Ability to estimate time needed for your own tasks
  • Keen eye for potential risks and challenges throughout the development process
  • High expectations for quality of your own work
  • Ability to “translate” between technical lingo and layman’s terms to ensure the broader team of stakeholders understand the process and work required
  • Ability to quickly switch between projects as the need arises
  • Positive attitude, even when things are moving fast

Dynamic workplace

Anthill is on an ambitious growth journey and is an exciting place to work. If you have the right experience and are looking for a dynamic workplace, great colleagues and an international environment, please get in touch.

We offer a remuneration package which reflects your responsibilities and qualifications. You will be working out of our main office in Copenhagen, though given the international nature of our industry, occasional business travel should be expected.

Please apply by sending your CV and a short motivational letter to If possible, include samples of your previous projects and assignments.

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