Why ‘pull’ beats ‘push’ in pharma digital communication

Blog_icon_why-pull-beats-push-in-digital-sales-communicationDigital sales communication allows for new ways to communicate – offering the opportunity for more relevant information, provided in a more engaging way. Switching your detailing to digital is the first step but you can get more with the right strategy.

Two schools of thought

There are two main schools of thought within digital sales communication:

  • The first school says that we apply technology as a ‘helper’ – to improve what we are currently doing.
  • The second says that the technology should enable us to relate to customers in new ways.

There’s a place for both, but at Anthill we believe the real value comes from the second school.

Opportunity for better communication

Lots of e-detailing presentations only allow sales representatives to push out information to customers. That’s “first school” thinking. This push is what we’ve traditionally done – trying to guess what healthcare professionals need to hear and then giving exactly the same message to everyone.

That’s a problem because:

  • You can’t account for different knowledge levels and motivations
  • It’s a passive experience so people don’t engage
  • You never get to understand what the customer actually thought
  • You can only measure delivery not customer understanding

Rather than always ‘pushing’ out information, e-detailing should allow you to ‘pull’ the customer into your story.

The pull approach to e-detailing

Well designed e-detailing presentations put the healthcare professional in the driving seat. Rather than a passive process in which the customer sits back and listens, second school marketing takes advantage of the interactivity that the technology offers to make it an active experience.

Because they are engaged with the presentation materials, you learn about their particular needs and how they, individually, respond to your story.

Why this works

‘Going pull’ addresses a lot of the problems with the traditional push approach:

  • You can account for different knowledge levels because healthcare professionals can find the information that is right for them (you don’t have to guess)
  • There is more  engagement because it is an active process, so customers become more involved in your story
  • You can now monitor the customer’s interaction to better understand their information needs and interests
  • You can measure more than message delivery so can start to understand how the message was received.

Making the switch from push to pull

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