Digital sales: Understanding the ‘adoption ladder’

Blog_icon_understanding-the-adoption-ladder-in-closed-loop-marketingDid you know that the very barriers to your product can be turned around to drive its success? Learn the judo strategy that is at the heart of great e-detailing.



The importance of the adoption ladder

We touched on the adoption ladder before when discussing storytelling structure in e-detailing. It’s worth returning to again because it is so fundamental to e-detailing. In fact, you could say that it is effective e-detailing.

Overcoming barriers to sales

If you think about it, there are three fundamental marketing barriers to your product’s success:

  • Healthcare professionals haven’t heard of it (awareness)
  • They may not understand it (understanding)
  • They don’t believe it (belief).

Far from being insurmountable obstacles, these barriers actually give you the overarching communication goals for your e-detailing presentation.

Creating an adoption ladder

At Anthill, we take the barriers and turn them into an ‘adoption ladder’, helping customers become aware of, understand, and finally believe in, the value of your product.

In other words, ‘awareness-understanding-belief’ is the ladder that every customer needs to climb before they are ready to prescribe.

Structuring your presentation

The journey from awareness to belief gives you the backbone for your presentation, enabling you to describe the overall communication flow.

You can also use the awareness-understanding-belief model at ‘anchor points’ in your presentation, which are the key moments that determine whether customers can move up the adoption ladder.

If speed of action, for example, is a key benefit of your product, you can apply the ‘awareness-understanding-belief’ model when the presentation comes to this topic to ensure that it is communicated effectively.

First customers need to understand the value of fast onset of action, then they need to explore the issues to better understand it, so that they can be moved to belief in your solution.

That achieved, you can then continue with the presentation until you re-apply the same methodology at the next anchor point.

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