Webinar: The storytelling method that works for digital

Blog_icon_webinar-the-storytelling-method-that-works-for-digitalIf you can involve healthcare professionals in a story, they will be more open to your arguments.

Storytelling also keeps them glued to your message by making them intrigued to learn what happens next.

E-detailing offers wonderful opportunities for compelling storytelling. It works – but only if used in the right way. This webinar explains the fundamental aspects of digital storytelling so that you can direct your agency to get the results you want.

You will learn:

  • Why storytelling always beats straight message delivery
  • Which storytelling structure works for e-edetailing
  • How to make your story intriguing
  • How to make the story interactive
  • How to select & brief an agency


The session will be run by Leif Lovgreen, Anthill’s Creative Director, an e-detailing veteran with deep expertise in creating compelling product stories.


16 April, 3 PM CEST / GMT+2


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