How e-detailing can increase access to HCPs

Female doctor with stethoscope in hospitalThe benefits of digital detailing don’t stop at the cost savings or the rich streams of customer data that it produces. Closed loop marketing can provide more access to healthcare professionals too.



Focus on providing value

It’s a myth that healthcare professionals don’t want visits from company representatives. Many recognize that detailing remains a great way to get access to treatment knowledge and learn about new products. What healthcare professionals don’t want are poor quality meetings that waste their valuable time.

So how do you ensure that you always provide value?

Help solve healthcare professionals challenges

Think of it like visiting friends: you always take something with you. It’s the same with e-detailing, except that what you always bring is service and knowledge. By helping to solve the healthcare professional’s problems, you establish a positive reputation.

This can be designed into your CLM content. Each e-detailing presentation should unfold over time and have lots of  ‘ah ha!’ moments at each stage – useful knowledge that provides answers to the healthcare professionals challenges with patient care.

Work at an individual level

In addition to designing your content so that every visit provides value to healthcare professionals, you can make it more precise – by providing value to each individual.

To return to our ‘visiting friends’ metaphor, when choosing a gift you would also consider your friend’s likes and dislikes. In other words, you would show that you understand them by personalizing your choice. Again, it’s just the same with e-detailing.

There are many way to make your communications more individual. You can work at your customer’s pace, put the healthcare professional in the driving seat, and make your story more involving to each healthcare professional by switching from push to pull communication.

What’s important – and what healthcare professionals respond to – is that your e-detailing demonstrates that you are talking to a particular person with individual concerns and needs.

Personalized multichannel

These same very basic principles – always provide value, personalize to individual needs – don’t just apply to e-detailing and closed loop marketing. At Anthill we believe that they are universal requirements for building great relationships through any kind of communication. And that’s why they are the foundations for what we might call ‘digital access’ – the willingness of healthcare professionals to engage not just through face-to-face meetings but in anytime and anywhere multichannel communications.

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