Multichannel Customer Experience summit

EyeforPharmaMeet our team at Multichannel Customer Experience summit in London, October 19-20, to discuss how to build your digital content to optimize experiences for HCPs. Use “anthill200” while registering to get 200 £ off the price of your ticket. 

The conference speakers, including Anthill’s CEO and Founder Morten Hjelmsoe, will discuss how to ensure that your communications plan is customer centric. Customers not only judge each of the interaction with your brand, be it via reps or online, but they also evaluate the overall journey experience. It’s therefore crucial to focus not only on each single engagement point, but on the whole multichannel process.

The content you use across different channels plays an important role in shaping the customer experience. Ideally, no matter which channel the HCP decides to use at any particular moment, he should be served information corresponding to his previous experiences with the brand or product. He should be able to continue the conversation anytime in any channel and continuing where he left off.

Talk to our staff, Alejandra Betancourt, Account Director, or Kimberly McCoy, Business Development Director, at the Multichannel Customer Experience summit to get to know about how our content enables you to provide this kind of experience.

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