How to get belief in your product benefits

Blog_icon_the-storytelling-method-that-works-for-edetailingWhen designing your digital communications, you can make the most of your product benefits by building an argumentation that addresses different customer motivations.

The good news is that this can be easily achieved by designing your communications in the right way.


Making it work in practice

We’ve spoken before about the importance of accounting for the motivations of ethos (authority), pathos (emotion) and logos (logic) in your e-detailing and multichannel communications. And we touched on the fact that working digitally enables you to have multiple arguments in place to do so. But how do you apply this in practice?

It’s really quite simple.

Start with your product benefits. For each product benefit try to provide:

  • logical reasons
  • emotional arguments
  • appeals to your credibility.

This quickly develops into a matrix. Say that you have three key product benefits. That’s nine arguments you will need built into your e-detailing materials.

Argumentation matrix

Benefit A Benefit B Benefit C
Ethos 1 4 7
Pathos 2 5 8
Logos 3 6 9

Something for everyone

Having this matrix means that we don’t lose big parts of our audience by failing to address their concerns. If someone is more motivated by emotional arguments but you can only speak logically, it will be hard to reach them. We need to cover all the bases.

What’s important is that we’re not just providing information but delivering the right knowledge to the right person. That’s what moves mere awareness of your product’s benefits to belief in its value.

Applying it to multichannel communications

This applies not only to rep-guided communication like e-detailing but also to more self-guided channels like microsites, websites, apps and digital brochures. With these kind of channels it is even more important to plan for different motivations because no one is there to get people back on track.

With the right methodology you can make the most of the growing host of channels that are now available. Our work at Anthill is rooted in the idea that, to get the most from any technology, you not only need creativity but effective communication strategies.

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