How to add interactivity to your e-detailing

03_analytical_lowresYou know that making your digital sales communication more interactive will help you gain the attention of healthcare professionals – but how precisely should you work with it?



Why most digital presentations aren’t interactive

A major motivation for ‘going digital’ is to take advantage of the interactive opportunities of digital media. And yet a lot of what is today described as interactive really isn’t.

Often digital materials are presented as having interactive features but often they are little more than ‘press play’ and then sit back to watch an animation. There are great ways to use animations in digital sales communication, but it’s important not to confuse the two.

Interactive means putting the user in control

For interactions, it’s vital that you design your communications so that it puts people in the driving seat.

True interactivity requires that customers feel in control. The more that you enable people to influence what they are seeing, the more engaged they will become.

In practical terms, this means designing actions that generate some kind of response. So when someone moves a slider they see a result: something moves, speeds up, or expands.

Every action gets a reaction

It works best when the response is graduated. Move the slider a little and you see something, move it some more and you see something else.

Effective interactivity isn’t an on/off switch. It needs to be involving.

‘Action/Result’ is the fundamental principle of interactivity.

Combine interactivity with a sales methodology

Simply adding interactivity to your presentation is a big step. By turning a sales presentation from a passive to an active experience for healthcare professionals, you make it more interesting for them and you communicate more effectively.

Working strategically with interactivity brings even more benefits.

Try to use it to strengthen your argumentation. Good interactivity delivers those “a-ha” moments by connecting new knowledge to familiar concepts. It is especially powerful when deployed to reinforce the ‘anchor points’ in your story or when you are quantifying your messages for enhanced credibility.

Review your communication for interactivity

Now ask yourself how well your digital sales communication uses interactivity. Is it a passive (press play) or active (action/result) experience? Do you deploy interactivity just to add some visual interest or to strengthen your argumentation? Does it make healthcare professionals really feel that they are driving the process?

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