Global pharma communications: Seven ambitious data objectives

Blog_icon_anthill-celebrates-1500-digital-sales-presentationsData is a great way to connect and align global and local objectives – providing the kind of value that gets local markets engaged in core sales materials and speeding up your organization’s learning curve.


Be ambitious

Go beyond tracking usage and get actionable data flowing. Here are seven ambitious data objectives that get local affiliates and reps on your side:

  1. Discover what your customers know about a disease and where they would benefit from more education
  1. Find out the preferred communication channels for each of your customers, so that affiliates can plan and engage with them individually
  1. Identify the best performing parts of your content and ensure that everyone in an affiliate marketing organization knows what’s working
  1. Discover the presentation content that most effectively stimulates HCPs to move on to other channels for more information
  1. Understand what each HCP believes to be the main problems with current treatments – and which one matters most
  1. Find out what tools HCPs need to provide more value to their patients in connection with the disease area
  1. Provide reps with a precise picture of where each HCP is on the ‘adoption ladder’ so that they can plan their meetings most effectively

Webinar recording: The right content for rich data

To learn more about Anthill’s specific approach to digital marketing data, check out our recent webinar.


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