Global pharma communications: Seven ways to make your digital content fit affiliates’ needs

It’s common to encounter some degree of local resistance to centrally-produced sales materials. But don’t despair. A few simple content strategies can make a huge difference. Here are seven ideas that are proven to get affiliates on board.


1. Create tools

Don’t try to force everyone to follow a single path through the content. Instead enable people to make choices locally about what to show or to see – effectively turning centrally-created sales materials into helpful tools rather than an instruction.

2. Empower people

Avoid the “won’t work in my market” syndrome by accepting that it’s impossible to know everything from HQ. Rather than trying to direct things on a micro level, empower people closest to the customer to act in appropriate ways.

3. Fix the delivery

Often the problem isn’t the content itself but rather the delivery. The fix is to consider how it is provided to markets and used on the ground. Exactly the same content that’s delivered in a new way can get the results you want.

4. Provide quality over quantity

Rather than a mammoth 100-slide presentation, try to get the essentials in place and allow the markets to build around it. It’s far better to have markets asking for more than pointing out parts that won’t work in their market.

5. Work the data

Look for ways to use data to provide feedback. Help reps with call preparations by showing them the topics that have already been covered. Then provide summaries of what the latest interactions revealed about the doctor’s real interests.

6. Embrace market realities

Get your materials designed for on-the-ground use. Reps appreciate materials that match their real world needs. Providing a short call version of a presentation with just 5 excellent slides could make all the difference.

7. Be useful

Even something as simple a cost calculator can be invaluable for reps and will likely be used very often. Building functionality into sales materials makes them central to a rep’s work and call planning.


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