Anthill in Vienna – Customer Experience Management Summit

cemsummit300200We’re delighted to announce that the Anthill team will participate at the Customer Experience Management Summit in Vienna, 20th-21st April – an expert discussion on how pharma can build better relationships with the HCPs, patients and other stakeholders by optimizing their customer experience programmes.

A connected customer multichannel experience

The Anthill team will join the delegates and share their expertise on improving customer interaction at every single touchpoint – and how these different channels can be connected to make one seamless experience.

In the Anthill presentation on the opening day of the conference, Sebastian Koelsch, Chief Solutions Officer at Anthill, will talk about principles to embrace for holistic customer experiences.

This involves a mindset shift from focusing solely on what we want from a communication to instead addressing customers’ numerous individual needs. By listening first to each customer, pharma can tailor the experience to fit what people actually want and ensure that every interaction is valuable.

It’s made possible by systems that take account of what has already been experienced at each touchpoint – so marketers can ensure that the experience evolves and progresses, and customers don’t get repeat content but are guided forward based on their previous choices in any channel.

Anthill’s presentation is 12:00 on 20th April. If you’re attending in Vienna we hope you can join the session and look forward to connecting with you.

Learn more about Anthill connected multichannel

Contact our Account Director,  Alejandra P. Betancourt, to discuss how to connect your digital marketing channels and improve customer experience.

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