Why digital communication means leaving no customer behind

19_No patients behindYou don’t have to accept that only a small percentage of your customers will ever get the full information about your product. Discover how digital sales enables you to time your communication to fit every HCP’s needs.


The problem of one-size-fits-all campaigns

Traditional marketing says that when one marketing campaign is complete, you roll out the next – just like a train leaving for the next station.

The well-known problem with this is that you will always leave some customers behind. The trouble is that people understand things at different speeds or simply want to spend more time on a particular topic before moving on.

In other words, they aren’t ready to get back on the train yet campaigns don’t wait. So while some customers weren’t fully convinced about the first topic, say efficacy, now the conversation has switched to drug tolerability.

The result? You can end up losing many customers along the way. In fact, only a fraction of your total audience will get all the information to their complete satisfaction.

Switching to an individual approach

For a long time, stranded customers were just a fact of life in marketing. Campaigns had to be centralized and universal: everyone had to get the same thing at pretty much the same time.

Doing anything else was too complicated and it was hard enough managing message delivery across regions, countries and continents.

Digital changed this. The technology will happily keep track of where every customer is at all times. So there’s no need to worry if someone want to review efficacy data multiple times. That’s fine. You can move on when they are ready to do so.

Tearing up the timetables

The result is that you can work at each customer’s preferred speed. There is no fixed schedule but rather personal journeys – with each customer creating their own timetable.

This approach works great for e-detailing where the rep – once they have the right content – can work individually with each customer. It also can be easily applied to a multichannel system in which healthcare professionals not only match the content to their needs but its delivery mechanism too, potentially exploring a topic in different media until they are ready to move on.

As a strategy, working to individual timetables is effective and technology makes it simple to implement. You just have to design the content to make most of what technology can do.

Ready to start your journey?

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