How to get faster results with digital communication

21_Faster resultsEveryone is under pressure to deliver results fast, so how can you speed up the positive effects of your e-detailing and multichannel communication? One proven answer is to get the data collection right from day one.


Start in the right way

The only way to know whether your communication is getting the right results is to measure it. You need the full picture and you need it fast, so make sure that you’re capturing the right information immediately.

The great thing about digital communication is that your analytics can go beyond measuring message delivery. It’s now possible to know both whether the information was received and (more importantly) how people are actually responding to it.

Make a quick response

If your digital communication materials are well designed, you should be able to immediately see how customers are reacting to your message. All being well your communication is on track but, if there is a problem, the right data allows you to fix any issues early.

That way you don’t have to wait half a year to discover whether the campaign was effective or not. You can respond immediately – updating the messaging and going back with new information.

Get data-friendly content

Investing a little time in analytics saves months of missed opportunity. But to get the early warnings you need, the right kind of content is necessary. Your digital communications need to be designed in a way that uncovers what your customers really think so you get the data you need.

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