What’s the best use of video in digital pharma marketing?

20_Revamp with videoVideo is increasingly popular in marketing communications. It can work brilliantly but not everywhere and not all the time. So if you’re considering using video, here’s quick strategy for maximizing the benefits.



No place in e-detailing

What role does video play in e-detailing? The short answer is it’s best to avoid it but it can be invaluable elsewhere.

Here’s why:

Every time that your customer-facing staff meets with healthcare professionals, there’s the potential for real interaction – an opportunity to engage in dialogue and learn from each other.

This makes video a poor choice in detailing because it’s such a passive, ‘sit back and watch’ medium. Add to this the danger of ‘blink & you miss it’ and you’d be right to wonder why video is so commonly used in e-detailers.

Rather than closing down the potential for discussion, you need materials that stimulate dialogue between the rep and the healthcare professional.

Vital in other channels

While video is best avoided in meetings, it is very powerful in follow-up communication. In fact, if you’re looking to make your multichannel communications as effective as possible, you can’t afford to do without it.

Video is brilliant at making things come alive – and in the life sciences, this can make all the difference. It’s great at conveying complex data and perfect for demonstrating a product’s mode of action. It is also perfect for communicating human stories and appeal to emotions.

When it isn’t getting in the way of human dialogue, video is a wonderful tool.

How to make it work

Dividing your customer engagement into ‘guided’ communications like e-detailing and ‘self-guided’ online channels is a good way to start. It’s in the self-guided channels that video is best used – but again try to make it the least passive experience possible.

If a 20 minute video is placed on a website, people probably won’t watch the whole thing. And it may even irritate someone who came looking for answers to a specific question.

Instead, take a tip from the Anthill designers and interaction experts: break the videos down into bite-sized topics.

Lots of clearly titled short videos enable people to easily navigate the content and help personalize the experience by viewing what really interests them. It also brings the benefit of more precise data tracking for you.

And you can always connect the short videos to play automatically after each other in a longer playlist focused on one topic.

Review your materials

Now consider your own communications – how is video used in your marketing? Is it getting in the way of real dialogue? Is it used in the right channels? And is it presented in a way that enables people to navigate easily?

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