Global pharma communications: Flexible content checklist – five questions to ask

Blog_icon_understanding-the-adoption-ladder-in-closed-loop-marketingTo ensure that your content gets used by local markets and has a real impact, consider these questions when commissioning or developing core materials.




1. Can reps easily create presentations that are relevant to each healthcare professional?

As part of their call planning, reps should be able to tailor the content in seconds to meet the specific needs of each individual HCP.

Reps will only use core materials if they provide value to them and their customers.

2. Does it provide a passive or active experience for HCPs?

If the content can’t put the healthcare professionals in the driving seat, it is likely irrelevant to their needs because they can’t direct the conversation to where they need it to go.

HCPs quickly lose interest in materials that don’t immediately match their concerns.

3. Do the materials just push messages or allow for real storytelling?

Materials that fail to effectively establish the problem are unlikely to be able to convey that your product is the solution.

Effective storytelling makes for effective communications.

4. Does it meet local market realities?

Content must not only be flexible to meet different HCP needs but allow reps to respond at speed.

Poorly designed, overly large presentation materials cause missed opportunities.

5. Can the materials collect actionable data at an individual level?

If your materials allow HCPs to interact, you can learn what interests them and improve your level of service.

If you can only measure whether or not the materials were shown there’s little to learn and nothing useful to feed back to affiliates.

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