First things first: How to kick-off an e-detailing project

sales-rep-white-on-greySetting up your e-detailing and multichannel projects the right way can save you a lot of problems down the road. 





Defining the communication objectives and corresponding strategy, as well as appropriate data to be collected, are necessary first steps in your e-detailing planning.

So what are the first steps? Here are three articles that put your digital communications on the right track from day one:

1. Set the communication objectives.

It’s no big mystery that successful communication begins with a clear objective. But not everyone knows just how specific this objective needs to be if the project is going to produce results.

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2. Choose the right strategy.

Have you found that e-detailing technology has improved your customer communication? Or has nothing really changed? If it’s the latter, it’s time to update your digital marketing strategies and get more from the technology.

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 3. Think about data from day one.

The right kind of e-detailing data builds effective working relationships with healthcare professionals. In conversations driven by data, customers receive better quality information – and predictive modeling can even enable you to anticipate their needs.

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