Digital is different: Why new marketing technologies require new ways of working

marketer_grey_blueWhat’s your number one goal for digital communication? More engaging materials? Better market understanding? More ROI? Cost-effectiveness?

All those are great goals but there’s one thing to demand of digital technology beyond all the others: individual relevancy.

What digital should do for you

What digital communication can and should do is make your marketing responsive to audience needs – providing a personalized experience for each individual that you need to reach.

If you can become relevant, the other benefits will follow – it’s more engaging, more effective and you don’t waste resources on irrelevant activity.

The trouble is that, while technology makes relevancy possible, it doesn’t automatically produce it by itself. For that you need the right methodology driving the right kind of content.

What you normally get

Without the correct methodology, the creativity and technology cannot be directed: it will be the same old thing in a new format.

You see this a lot and it’s easy to spot – just ask if it gives a different experience to different people? Does it take account of people’s preferences or what they’ve heard before? Or is it more like a TV advert that has the same message on repeat?

The truth is that most digital communication is the old mono-message strategy delivered in new channels.

What should be demanded

At Anthill we like demanding clients. Over the years we’ve enjoyed working with people who have the same high ambitions for digital communications that we do – people who continually push us for fresh thinking.

These challenges have resulted in a methodology that guides our digital creativity. It involves a deep understanding of your product and the development of a watertight argumentation covering rational and emotional motivations while also demonstrating credibility and authority.

Then – and this is the smart bit – it uses the power of digital to deliver the right part of this argumentation to the right person in the right way. In other words, makes it individually relevant.

What you need to know

We’ve been preaching the ‘Anthill way’ for some time at industry events and now we’re going a step further and publishing the methodology on our website.

This document takes you through the whole process and describes the kind of communication materials that you should be getting – those which produce the high-value experiences for customers that the technology promises.

If you like our thinking and want to see it applied – whether to your digital sales or multichannel communications – do get in touch. We’ve love to explain more.

>>> E-book download: The Anthill Way

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