How good are your digital sales materials? Just ask these 5 questions

edetailer_blue_on_greyWhen first going digital, it’s reasonable to adopt the new technology step-by-step. Many people begin by digitizing their existing paper materials rather than starting completely afresh in digital. 



That’s great but it’s possible to get stuck there – on step one – with the real benefits of digital technology remaining out of reach.

This results in digital sales materials that are little more than ‘paper under glass’ – and often puzzlement that introducing new technology hasn’t really changed anything.

To see where you are on your digital adoption journey, here’s five questions to consider.

1. Can you collect and analyze the data you need?

It’s impossible to get the full digital benefits if your content isn’t designed to collect both usage data and qualitative data about your customers.

Data is the backbone of effective marketing. It allows you to learn, analyze and improve your campaigns. And it enables you to become more customer-relevant by optimizing messages and delivery channels – and provide the right information in the right way at the right time.

2. Are your materials personalized?

Digital technology means that we all now routinely experience personalized communication in our daily lives. Providing ‘just for you’ experiences is now a standard and one that HCPs increasingly expect from your content too.

This goes way beyond using a HCP’s name in the materials. From preferred alternative treatments, to typical patient or most encountered side effects, the content you offer needs to reflect each HCP’s daily practice and individual requirements.

It’s unworkable to have thousands of slides to cover all possible combinations of HCP needs (paper under glass) but your materials can be programmed to provide this flexibility for all customers.

3. Can your reps easily adjust the flow of the presentation?

The best reps know their customers well. They know their HCPs’ problems, their interests, and the types of arguments that work best with each customer.

Instead of forcing them to follow one pre-defined flow, good sales materials now allow them to apply their customer understanding and organize their presentations to get the best results from every meeting.

4. Do HCPs actually interact with your materials?

Hands-on experience is essential for information retention. Digital sales materials should enable reps to hand over control to the HCP and enable them to interact with the tool themselves – selecting number of patients they have, replaying a mode of action animation to fit their knowledge level, and comparing the presented product to their existing treatment of choice.

Such approach also enhances trust in your materials. Because HCPs are in the driving seat and in charge of where the conversation goes, they can be sure that no information is being hidden from them.

5. Is it easy to localize, scale and update your materials?

Localization shouldn’t be a nightmare or prevent you from easily updating your materials. Well-done digital solutions make it simple. They work as templates, are well-tagged, and have all the resources and data interconnected and populated from easy-to-navigate databases – so when you change the information in one place, it automatically gets updated everywhere else.

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