How e-detailing strengthens customer relationships

14_ipad_lowresGood digital communication can do more than get your message across. By responding to the data, it can build stronger customer relationships too.




Great service comes from understanding the customer

The fast-track to great customer relationships is to show that you’ve listened.

In daily life, good service means providing what people want in a way that they want it. Great service goes further and anticipates people’s needs. Both requires real customer understanding.

Healthcare is no different. In fact, when it comes to providing great service, the life sciences has one big advantage – direct customer contact.

The listening channel

Customer-facing staff are meeting with healthcare professionals every day and continually have the opportunity to better understand their needs.

The challenge is to aid their work and capture this understanding so that it can be translated into better services.

Digital communication like e-detailing helps by tracking when healthcare professionals show interest in a particular topic. This information is stored and ready to inform the next sales call.

With the right content, your digital communication materials can then help your representative deliver content that has some focus on that subject. Predictive data can even enable them anticipate needs based on an ever-improving customer profile and raise the value of their service even higher.

Stronger customer relationships

Consistently providing this level of service brings real benefits. The more times that you demonstrate that you’ve listened by bringing information of real value, the stronger the relationship will become – meaning that the next interaction will always be better.

Do your customers feel that you’re listening to them?

Get data-friendly content

To get the customer understanding that turns good service into great, you need the right kind of digital content. Your digital communications need to be designed in a way that uncovers what your customers really think.

To learn more about data-friendly content, contact Anthill to see the kind of digital communications that build real customer partnerships.

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