What kind of customer data are you getting?

03_analytical_lowresToo often the data that comes back from your digital marketing either confirms what you already know or simply reassures that something is happening out there. This is useful, essential even, but it can’t tell how to act next – which really should be the aim of your data collection.

The right kind of data

To get data that helps you make the right decisions, the first thing to consider is what type of data you need. In very broad terms, there are two basic approaches to collecting data:

1. Tracking quantity of message delivery – simply the number of times that a message was delivered to HCPs.

2. Tracking quality of message delivery – the customer’s knowledge and understanding of those messages.

What many marketers are finding is that they are getting the first type – the reassurance that content has been delivered – but not the quality data that tells them what audience thought of it.

Obviously, the marketing data that you really need is the quality data. Get this and you automatically know that the message was delivered but also learn so much more – specifically the direction in which you should take your campaigns.

Why you are not getting actionable data

Unfortunately, simply asking for better quality data from your digital marketing vendors often doesn’t solve the problem. That’s because the content wasn’t originally designed to provide it.

Content that was just designed for message delivery can only measure the delivery of messages.

This kind of content generally lacks an effective argumentation structure, will not have interactions at anchor points in your story to elicit feedback, and will usually seek to push messages rather than engage customers.

In order to get useful and actionable data, you have to start with the right kind of content. It must be designed so that HCPs can interact with it in ways that continually provide useful feedback – measuring whether an argument was fully or only partially understood and how convincing it was.

The simple fact is that if your customers aren’t interacting, then you’re not learning.

The kind of content that works

Are you getting the data you need? For more information and examples of today’s data-friendly content, watch this webinar:

>>> Webinar: How to build the right content for rich data


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