How to enable each healthcare professional to fully understand your product

hcp-understand-messageThe right kind of digital communications give you the opportunity to see how each individual customer’s understanding of your product grows over time. Once you know where they are in your argumentation, you can help them move forward.


Here are three articles that give insights into the Anthill methodology and explain how working at an individual level benefits all customers:

1. Leaving no customer behind.

You don’t have to accept that only a small percentage of your customers will ever get the full information about your product. Discover the digital strategy that enables you to time your communication to fit every HCP’s needs.

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2. Understanding the adoption ladder.

At Anthill, we often work with what we call the ‘adoption ladder’ – the process of helping customers become aware of, understand, and finally believe in, the value of your product. Applying these steps to digital communication enables you to communicate the right thing to the right person at the right time.

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3. Confirming customer understanding using anchor points.

You’ll often hear Anthill strategists talk about ‘anchor points’ and the role they play in a storytelling structure. Anchor points are the key moments in your product story that must be understood before customers can move further through your argumentation.

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More Anthill thinking

Download The Anthill way, our digital communication methodology e-book, to discover more about the adoption ladder and anchor points.

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