Showcasing our multichannel capabilities in Berlin (In English)

annual-marketing-summitWe will be presenting our multichannel approach at two forthcoming conferences in Berlin: 6th Annual Pharma Marketing Summit (4-6 October) and the Pharma Sales Force Conference ( 11-13 October).


The team will demonstrate how Anthill’s digital marketing methodologystorytelling techniques and advanced data strategies combine to create connected multichannel ecosystems that deliver high value to each individual healthcare professional.

At the 6th Annual pharma Marketing Summit, Sebastian Kölsch, Anthill’s Chief Solutions Officer, will present our approach to multichannel communications. The presentation will cover:

  • Understanding the multichannel and multi-stakeholder ecosystem
  • Building your organization’s multichannel capabilities
  • Recruiting the audience for your multichannel communications
  • Providing valuable content throughout the multichannel experience
  • Evolving the content as people move across channels


To discuss how Anthill can help you boost engagement across channels, connect with our team:


Can’t attend?

Even if you can’t make the conferences you can still learn about Anthill’s approach to multichannel communication.

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