The one multichannel question you must ask

multichannel-questionWebsites, e-detailing, microsites, apps, social media, email, video – the rise of multichannel communication gives marketers more opportunities than ever. It’s a new world, and a genuinely exciting one filled with possibility, so much so in fact that we can lose sight of what really matters.


To keep feet firmly on the ground at Anthill, our strategists and creatives are fond of asking one simple question when considering multichannel work:

“What’s the benefit?”

It’s a good question because healthcare professionals will want to know.

There must be a customer benefit

There needs to be clear reason why healthcare professionals will want to engage in these new channels. Just because they can doesn’t mean that they will.

This might sound obvious but it’s not uncommon for multichannel projects to focus on the benefits that it brings the company (cheaper, faster, more marketing opportunities) while not really considering what’s in it for doctors, nurses, specialists or indeed patients.

The simple truth is that unless the customer sees a benefit there won’t be much traction.

So what is the benefit?

Knowing the value it brings

There are in fact many good answers. Among other things, multichannel can: give customers easier access to relevant knowledge; provide a more personalized experience that meets a doctor’s needs; deliver assistance with patient education; or help support treatment adherence.

It’s important though to be able to clearly state the benefit because that helps everyone steer the project towards your vision – ensuring its ultimate success by providing something that healthcare professionals are excited to engage with.

Multichannel that works

Can you answer the benefit question? Watch this 20-minute video detailing how Anthill’s approach to multichannel communications delivers real value to you, healthcare professionals and patients.

>> Watch here


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