Multichannel Excellence Conference 2016: Customer-centricity in focus

patient-centricityAt Eyeforpharma’s multichannel conference in London it was clear that something had fundamentally changed. People were no longer talking about how technology can help sales reps but rather how it can provide better service to doctors and patients. That’s a real shift.


Anthill delegate report

With the spotlight on customer-centricity – and a new spirit of experimentation in the air – pharma is now looking at how to best deploy multichannel technology.

Here’s what our delegates reported back:

“There’s a big focus on digital literacy – with some really interesting initiatives running in pharma to help people understand what is now possible with digital communication and what it can do for customers.”

“There was definitely more experimentation with channels. That’s really great yet these initiatives seemed a bit disconnected. Without a holistic approach, it’s hard to see how the right kind of customer experiences can be provided.”

“A ‘rep-less’ product launch was presented. This used a number of channels but no detailing activity. It was an experiment, and just run in one market, but is this a sign of things to come?”

“There was a good joke about the need for a ‘channel proliferation treaty’. People are obviously concerned that more channels don’t necessarily create a better customer experience.”

“Many people are worried that email to HCPs is being overused and that this will kill the channel. Email has become an essential part of the marketing mix for many companies – but for how much longer?”

“Data remains a key topic. Many speakers noted that improved customer experience must start by understanding each HCP’s needs. And companies are hiring data experts to help them.”

“There’s no question that the strategy switch from sales to service is being taken seriously in pharma headquarters. And it’s definitely not optional for affiliates. It was made clear that local sales managers are required to embrace it.”

Where next for pharma?

This is an exciting time to be working with pharma communications. Companies are actively seeking to use the potential of multichannel technology to deliver real value to HCPs and patients. The question right now is: what’s the right way to do it?

To hear how Anthill is helping life science companies get the best from multichannel, check out our presentation from the Berlin Pharma Marketing Summit 2016. We explain how to avoid problems before they occur and lay out an optimal multichannel process.

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