Why you should include customer facing roles in your multichannel strategy

Anthill recently held a webinar discussing the emergence and importance of multichannel communications, and the challenges this shift brings.

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Here’s our top takeaways:

1. Customer facing roles should be a part of your multichannel strategy

60% of you believe marketing should drive multichannel communication, but may be overlooking the value of having sales and commercial teams on board. All departments should come together and no longer be separated (KAM, Sales reps, maybe even MSL’s), to keep everyone up-to-date on the value and impact of multichannel.

The future role of sales reps is clear: they are crucial, as customer facing roles are the most important channel. It’s up to them to get your digital content adopted and make it impactful – and their focus should be on services and maintaining relationships.

2. Go from push to pull by creating thoughtful multichannel content around the needs of your customer facing roles:

  • Retain senior stakeholder support and internal sponsorship for digital communication
  • Focus on customer effectiveness over customer preference
  • Drive a cultural shift into change management
  • Build an environment that supports multichannel communication and clearly defines what the added value is – In doing so, your sales and commercial teams will then be the ones selling, and even demanding, multichannel content
  • Create digital content as flexible, guided conversations that your sales reps can use under varying conditions, and that enable your customers to pull the right messages for them
  • Support co-creation with tech

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