Promoting our multichannel expertise in London




We will be promoting our multichannel expertise at the Digital Pharma Advances London conference this January 31st, 2017.



Connected multichannel

The team will demonstrate how Anthill’s digital marketing methodologystorytelling techniques, and advanced data strategies combine to create connected multichannel ecosystems that deliver high value to each individual healthcare professional.

Be sure to meet Eliza Cole, Anthill’s Marketing Manager, to take our Multichannel 2.0 poll at the conference, which will give you access to exclusive data on the multichannel painpoints and insights of both your fellow conference attendees and Anthill’s extensive database.

Meet the Anthill delegates

To discuss how Anthill can help you boost engagement across channels, connect with our team:

Alejandra Betancourt, Customer Engagement Director

Aleja is Anthill’s senior point of contact for management and development of key accounts, with a focus on global operations and opportunities. She specializes in partnerships, strategic planning, and client-centric communication strategies.

Therese Bech, Customer Success Director

Therese is a communication and marketing strategist, specializing in visual communication, and engaging advocacy groups and policy makers.

Kyrie Hale, Senior Art Director

Kyrie is a digital visionary, specializing in interactive communication that includes e-detailing and multichannel “pull” storytelling.

Can’t attend?

Even if you can’t make the conferences you can still learn about Anthill’s approach to multichannel communication.

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