How to connect HCPs to new channels


The growth of digital channels offers marketers not just increased communication opportunities, but also the chance to provide a much better customer experience – but only if HCPs can find them.



Why channels go unnoticed

Let’s say that you’ve created a great website for healthcare professionals, rich with information. There are beautiful animations, some really well-produced video content and lots of interactions opportunities. It’s perfect.

But nobody visited.

It’s a common enough story. Sadly the ‘build it and they will come’ approach rarely works.

Simply creating something – even something wonderful – is no guarantee that it will be popular. If people simply don’t know of its existence or it isn’t easily findable then it can’t attract much interest.

Channels shouldn’t live in isolation

When building new channels it is important to look at your communications holistically. Multichannel shouldn’t be lots of independent channels but rather connected communications that provides a value that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Done well, one channel leads to another. Clear signposting and deep connections lead HCPs forward and enable them to explore the material. It’s many channels but one coherent experience.

Before launching anything new there should first be consideration of how it connects to what we already have. Connecting channels helps to get the ‘traffic’ needed to justify the investment and deliver the increased value to HCPs.

A simple fix

An easy way to introduce new channels is by putting your customer-facing staff into play. They can personally connect healthcare professionals to your resource — explaining what it is, where to find it and what value it provides.

It can be that simple. Ideally though, these links would go deeper and actually be built into your existing materials like an e-detailing presentation. So now when a physician expresses particular interest in a topic – and there is further information on this in your new channel – they can be directly connected to it.

Even this simple approach turns your new channels from being ‘out there’ into something that follows on naturally from a discussion. There are many more possibilities. Looking for ways to further integrate your content just adds to the experience that you provide.

Get connected multichannel

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