The right way to capture customer data

Blog_icon_why-pull-beats-push-in-digital-sales-communicationDigital communication should be a two-way process with information flowing backwards and forwards between you and healthcare professionals. That digital technology enables HCPs to give feedback is a big part of the value that it brings – both to aid the effectiveness of your communication but also to provide better service. But it has to be done in the right way and should never feel like a major market research push.

Make it a conversation

In daily life, we’re generally happy to share our thoughts when it’s relevant to the conversation.

It’s just the same with digital communication: it should be an interaction in which both parties continually learn a little bit more. You don’t want healthcare professionals filling in digital questionnaires but rather reveal their preferences as a part of an on-going dialogue.

It should be carefully planned but feel natural.

Respect the boundaries

Providing better service through improved customer understanding is a positive thing. And it depends on establishing a high degree of trust with HCPs and continually living up to high standards in all engagements.

There are many ‘donts’ in this area, and careful consideration is always required, but as a rule of thumb:

  • Never put healthcare professionals in the position of having to ‘give away’ sensitive information or feeling uncomfortable with what they are being asked.
  • Always be relevant to the disease area you are discussing.
  • Make it part of the overall flow of the conversation not a separate activity.

Design for feedback

Respectfully and sensitively understanding customers is vital for e-detailing and other forms of digital communication. It should be a natural part of the dialogue.

A good way to do this is by designing lots of little interactions into your materials that uncover concerns or help HCPs express their thoughts on specific aspects of disease treatment.

Truly interactive materials not only make the experience more engaging but provide real insights on the kind of services and support that HCPs require.

How to build relationship-building digital content

Are your digital communications engaging healthcare professionals in the right way? And are you learning what you need to know? Watch Anthill’s “The right content for rich data” session to see how digital communication can help you to better understand your customers.

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