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Repurposing content for multichannel

hcp-understand-messageThe rapid development of multichannel communication opens new opportunities to provide high-value experiences for healthcare professionals and gives you more places than ever to tell your product story. But unless your content can easily flow across these channels, multichannel can be a frustrating experience.

Beware proprietary formats

All the new channels – video, web, mobile, apps, portals etc – need content. Adapting your existing digital material should be an easy way to meet this demand.

That’s the theory. The reality is that your content may be in a proprietary format or coded in ways that make it hard for you to repurpose it.

Take e-detailing. Many presentations were created as a standalone app. That might have been a little cheaper in the short term but now companies are faced with the choice of either a painful process of trying to get the content out of locked apps or recreating everything from scratch.

What this means is that some companies have great content but it’s stuck in one channel. That makes it a very poor long-term investment. While other companies can move ahead and provide an ever-improving customer experience, they’re playing catch up.

Create content with an eye to the future

The solution is to ensure that your content is always created in a format that can flow across channels. At Anthill, we’ve been recommending the industry standard HTML5 to our clients for many years now. And so content that was created for e-detailing or a patient app now gets moved to other channels without any fuss or bother. We have even developed a product – Fusion – that enables us to easily deploy content to any platform or as a standalone app.

You never know the next channel. But you do know that there will always be new opportunities. So if you want to get the most value from your content, watch out for proprietary formats or locked-in solutions and create with one eye on the future.

Get future-proof content

Want to learn more about multichannel content? Take a look at this video presentation to learn the secrets of Anthill’s approach.

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