How personalising multichannel improves customer experience

Blog_icon_webinar-the-storytelling-method-that-works-for-digitalYou’ve started your multichannel journey, and your customer-facing staff are connecting healthcare professionals to new channels. Great! Providing content in other channels extends customer relationships. Now, with HCP access at a premium, look to personalise the experience to deliver more value.


Taking multichannel further: personalisation

Creating personalised multichannel content allows your reps to connect with HCPs on a higher level by providing information and services focused exactly on their needs. Personalised multichannel content can be built on your existing detailing discussions and, as such, further connect your communications together.

Small steps with big impact

A simple way to start is to provide additional information via personalised microsites linked to your current e-detailer, which are easy to put in place. You can also use ‘social proof’ to highlight what a HCP’s peers recently accessed, a.k.a. what ‘others also liked’, which is a smart way to promote content exploration and implicit endorsement.

Elevating your current e-detailing experience to a sophisticated, personalised digital experience is a great way to ‘get going’ with multichannel and start providing more value to HCPs today. And it is easier than you might believe. To show what can be done, Anthill has created an e-book ‘multichannel e-detailing’ that lays out some of the opportunities.

>> Download the full e-book

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