The art of agile marketing

Agile Marketing op 2The industry knows that it needs become more responsive to its stakeholders. An agile approach – which quickly improves results through a process of rapid market feedback and response – can make all the difference.


Agile communications in focus

Agile methodologies enable your digital communications to constantly adapt to the market through a process of rapid feedback and response. By adopting an iterative approach, you can see continual improvement and move away from a ‘production line’ process, in which success can only be known at the end.

The need for agility

While agility is not generally part of the industry’s culture, pharma knows that it needs to change – needing to become more responsive to stakeholders and get better results from communications. Multiple factors are driving this:

  • Patient empowerment: the simple fact that patients are now more involved in their treatment has created an uncertain environment. It is hard to predict exactly what different patients need and market research often can’t help. A different approach is needed.
  • Data: Digital communication enables faster and more accurate feedback, opening up for a more agile approach. We can now not only understand people’s needs much better but also track how they change over time.
  • New players: The threat of competition from companies like Google encourages agility because they are using this approach themselves and have already demonstrated it’s value in enabling them to move at great speed.
  • HCP access: Because access rates continue to fall, the moments when we can actually get into dialogue with HCPs become vital. It’s more important than ever to recognise and correct any mistakes very quickly.
  • Outcomes focus: Pharma needs to work on helping to deliver the right treatment outcomes and support products by getting more involved at the point of care. This in turn requires a flexible approach and fast iteration to identify what really works.

Developing an agile mind set

Much depends on being willing to experiment: taking the curiosity of the research lab and applying it to your customer interactions.

  • Develop an agile mind set: This is as simple as being able to recognise when your approach isn’t working and be willing to change it. With an agile mind set, continual iteration would be an expected and normal part of daily work.
  • Focus on existing goals: Agility can be applied to existing projects. Rather than change the whole organisation immediately, you can use it to create results right now.

Workshop: The art of agile marketing

Work with Anthill to add agility to your customer interactions. This process starts with a workshop where we’ll demonstrate that these methodologies are easy to learn, simple to apply, and yet can transform your digital marketing approach.

You will learn how to:

  • Address imperfect market understanding
  • Respond to rapidly changing situations
  • Execute the right channel mix
  • Measure the ROI to improve in quick iterations
  • Implement agile thinking in your marketing and commercial organization

The workshop will take place in your offices.

Is this the workshop for you?

Video: Get a taste in this short video.

Report: For an in-depth look, download the report on the workshop run at eyeforpharma Barcelona.

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