Meet Anthill in Berlin

Anthill is attending the 7th Annual Pharma Commercial & SFE Summit in Berlin, 10-12 October. We will be presenting on the topic of digital transformation, taking part in the discussions, and talking about our work at our exhibition stand.  

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Anthill presentation 

Sebastian Kölsch, Anthill’s Chief Solutions Officer, will make a presentation on 11 October at 12.10. With digital transformation on many executives’ minds at the moment, Sebastian will explore what this means in practice for companies with very different needs and market situations. 

Sebastian will demonstrate that the digital transformation case studies that we hear about are created for particular brands, indications, markets, companies. Because they are designed to answer specific problems, they cannot be broadly applied. Instead, companies need a bespoke solution that addresses their particular needs – and Sebastian will explain how this is achieved. 

About the conference 

The Annual Pharma Commercial & SFE Summit is a key event in the European calendar, exploring many life science marketing hot topics: 

  • New engagement sales force models 
  • Digital tools and initiatives 
  • Patient centricity 
  • Multichannel commercial strategy 
  • Driving collaboration between marketing and sales 
  • Sales force effectiveness focused on customers’ expectations 
  • Adopting changes in pharma environment 
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Meet our delegates 

To discuss how Anthill can help you boost engagement across channels, connect with our team at our booth. You can be sure of a warm welcome. You can also connect with our delegates through LinkedIn: 

Sebastian Kölsch, Chief Solution Officer, LinkedIn

Alejandra Betancourt, Director of Customer Engagement, LinkedIn

Nadia Haagen Pedersen, Marketing Director, LinkedIn

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