Conference details: Anthill at Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe

Where to find Anthill

You can find us at booth #1 in the Beatrice Suite 2. Feel free to approach our booth and team at any time. Here's who you can expect:

Katrine Bach, CEO, LinkedIn

Sabien Kuhn, Chief Commercial Officer, LinkedIn

Sebastian Kölsch, Chief Solutions Officer, LinkedIn

Alejandra Betancourt, Director of Customer Engagement, LinkedIn

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Anthill's presentation

Don't miss the chance to meet Sebastian Kölsch, our Chief Solutions Officer, who will be speaking about digital transformation, as a part of track B on day 2, at 09.30:

Digital transformation: why there is no one-size-fits-all answer

  • Understand what works for one company, market or brand won’t necessarily work for yours
  • Discover the ingredients for a successful digital transformation roadmap that will help you leapfrog any deficiencies in digital maturity
  • Learn how to select and combine the elements into a digital recipe that works for you

Find more information on the conference agenda here.

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