The kind of data that affiliates want

Done properly, data has the potential to be the number one reason that affiliates embrace centrally-developed communications. This is for the simple reason that using the materials provides vital intelligence that improves their own market understanding and decision-making.

The kind of data that affiliates want

Overcome the ‘big brother’ factor

A belief in ‘big brother’ monitoring can make affiliates mistrust international digital materials. If it feels like data goes to HQ and nothing comes back, then it’s likely that people will think that this is more about monitoring and control than empowerment.

To overcome this, ensure that data circulates through your organisation. And make sure that what comes back to affiliates is useful in people’s daily work. Just like your content, you want data to be relevant, timely and available on demand. Imagine the kind of engagement that you get when:


  • Local organisations get quarterly ‘top content’ reports detailing what worked in their market and how this compares to other geographic areas.
  • Affiliates get real-time information on how healthcare professionals are responding locally, regionally, and globally via different channels.
  • Reps get information before each HCP meeting telling them which topics have already been covered and offering suggestions for areas to explore based on customer interests.
  • HCPs automatically receive more relevant information based on their interactions – without requiring any extra work from affiliates.
  • Reps receive immediate and useful feedback following every meeting, highlighting topics covered and how it matched their expectations.
  • Affiliates are provided with updated content on a regular basis, reflecting insights from the data they collected.


If you can get this kind of data flowing back to affiliates, the value of international digital sales tools is made very clear – quickly becoming less of a ‘requirement from HQ’ and more an essential part of how they deliver value to their customers.

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With many years’ experience working at a headquarters level on global pharma campaigns, Anthill knows what it takes to enable affiliates to deliver high-value communications to their stakeholders. Now many of these strategies and techniques have been compiled into an e-book: The HQ Digital Marketing Handbook.

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