Digital Pharma Advances: Meet us in London

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We are very excited to participate in The Digital Pharma Advances ConferenceJanuary 30th in London, where Anthill will be presenting on the topic of digital transformation.

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At Anthill, we believe in a rapidly transforming digital world. One that, for every challenge, equally offers us an opportunity to innovate. We believe that the key to being a part of this transformation is understanding and harnessing three fundamental principles: personalisation, connectedness, and readiness.

Through these three principles Sari Carter, Anthill’s Digital Strategistwill challenge you to consider how you think about customer experience and digital transformation. Using examples from outside of the pharma industry she will discuss how you can turn the knowledge you have and the tactics you’re already creating into a journey that works for your customer, and your business.

About the conference

Digital Pharma Advances is a one-day industry-led European conference that focuses on engaging, results-driven multi-channel digital pharma marketing strategies with practical insights on empowering your sales force and creating meaningful engagement with healthcare professionals, patients, and stakeholders.

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Meet our delegates

To discuss how Anthill can help you boost engagement across channels, make sure to get in contact with our delegates at our booth. You can be sure of a warm welcome.

You can also connect with our delegates through LinkedIn:

Jack McInnes, Customer Engagement Manager, LinkedIn

Jack McInnes

Sari Carter, Digital Strategist, LinkedIn

Sari Carter

Can't attend?

If you are not able to attend the conference but want to hear more about how Anthill can help you take the next step on your digital journey, please contact our Director of Customer Engagement 

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