International digital pharma marketing: 10 common problems

It can actually be comforting to know that many of the digital communication challenges that we experience are often shared by colleagues in other departments and peers in other companies. The good news is that such problems often have simple solutions, or can be avoided completely by setting up projects in the right way.

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Still, in the spirit of ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, here are 10 common issues that international marketers face in their digital communications.

1. Affiliates argue that the core materials aren’t relevant to their market.

2. Affiliates mistrust data collection

3. Reps and marketers don’t understand how to use the digital tools.

4. Affiliates claim that the materials are too long or complex.

5. Nobody is reviewing the data.

6. New hires don’t understand the tools and use their old methods.

7. Local usage of digital materials falls off after a couple of months.

8. Localisation is a mess with markets all working at different speeds.

9. Markets really are different so it’s impossible to find something that works for everyone.

10. Budgets are tight so there’s no room for anything fancy.


Do any of these sound familiar? The chances are that you’ve experienced some of them to some degree in your work. And we’ve addressed them all in our latest digital marketing e-book.

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With many years’ experience working at a headquarters level on global pharma campaigns, Anthill knows what it takes to enable you to deliver high-value communications internationally. And now we’ve crammed loads of this knowledge into a single e-book: The HQ Digital Marketing Handbook. Even better news? It’s yours. For free.

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