What the smartest pharma marketers know about digital


When developing digital communication materials centrally at HQ, there are some basic approaches that prove their value time and again. Some might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how often projects can run into problems because they weren’t properly accounted for. The very best pharma marketers understand what’s required – and act on them every day.

5 international digital marketing essentials


Localisation is a nightmare without a clear process

Costs can spiral and confusion reigns without a process for local translation and adaptation that everybody understands, agrees to, and follows.


Content has to be flexible or it won't get used

Affiliates and customer-facing staff need the ability to match the content to specific local situations and individual customer needs. If your digital marketing material doesn’t make this easy, it might get ignored.


Data has to be useful for affiliates

If data is only going one-way – back to HQ – people may be suspicious of centrally created digital material. It has to provide value for everyone.


Internal communication is a great investment

Take the time for local market involvement in the content planning and later training everyone properly on the materials. This not only builds support but ensures that the materials are used in the right way.


Quality always beats quantity

It’s far better to deliver excellent digital content that’s a ‘must have’ than huge presentations filled with ‘might need’ information. Ask any rep: with the right content strategy, less really is more.

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