The Future is BOLDpharma!

Our increasingly digital world means that we must both continually consider the future and also act now on the challenges and opportunities that technology brings.

Digital tools allow us to access enormous amounts of data, changing the competitive landscape and the expectations of customers. Competition is expanding to include more than just other pharma companies but also information providers, tech giants, and patient advocacy groups. We have to act and to celebrate the strides that the industry is taking, right now, to respond to these challenges.

Promoting change, showing the way and celebrating success

With this in mind, we are launching a new initiative at Anthill called BOLDpharma. From our customers, we hear again and again about the changing landscape of pharma and the challenge to embrace digital transformation. This is why the goal of BOLDpharma is to not only to challenge the status quo but also to make a real contribution to driving change through informed discussion and inspiring examples.

BOLDpharma gives you inspiration to share and learn from your peers' expertise on digital transitions, how to take the first steps in digital maturity and create value adding services beyond traditional brand marketing. Joining the movement will give you access to industry insights, articles, podcasts and blog. We welcome all pharma companies to add their view on what bold means to their organisation.

Participate in the industry-wide survey

To underpin BOLDpharma we are beginning with an industry-wide survey that will help us understand what is currently holding people back, but also identify the factors that - right now - enable people and organisations to act boldly and make a big difference, both internally and to healthcare professionals, patients and their families.

By participating in the survey, you will also get your organisation's digital maturity report which will aid your planning for years to come.

With greater understanding of where you are today, you can confidently bring digital transformation to life and ensure that you are building efficient and impactful omnichannel marketing.

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