Empowering digital content ownership in a multichannel marketing age

Pharma companies are adopting multichannel marketing techniques and expanding their communication across channels. This increases the need for a user-friendly workflow where global and local brand managers can engage with the marketing material in a seamless way. Anthill Activator™ allows you to publish more often, at a lower cost, while staying ahead of the curve.

These days, more and more pharma companies are adopting multichannel/omnichannel marketing techniques and making efforts to implement and roll out multichannel platforms globally.

To support this increased need for communications, many of our clients have created internal MCM departments to guide communications across channels and are trying to provide content, services, and guidance to brand managers in local markets. However, adding new channels does not mean additional budget or resources. In fact, activating new channels across markets has resulted in increased need for quick, cost effective adaptation or repurposing of detail content.

Currently, there is no simple solution to streamline these processes, which can be frustratingly slow. Creating or adapting content, managing digital assets, publishing to the CRM, and obtaining LMR approval often has to be performed in completely separate platforms, which can require additional training and involvement of multiple agencies and departments. Localisation also comes with its own set of challenges and can be a lengthy process if not managed effectively. The result is that sales reps are working with outdated materials, customers are receiving old or off-strategy key messages, and your cross-channel marketing communications are losing their edge. As a result, empowering local markets to own their own content and adapt global communications to suit local needs remains a remains a difficult, and expensive, challenge for HQ to manage and implement successfully.

Global and local brand managers, heads of multichannel marketing and those responsible for pharma's digital factories need a solution which allows them to create and adapt content faster and cheaper, while putting less strain on internal resources and less dependence on expensive design resources.

Anthill Activator

  • Create, update, approve, localize and share content,
    all in one working space
  • Save cost and time at every stage of production
  • Easy to use with no need for extensive training
  • Integrates with Veeva Vault as a primary CLM channel

Anthill has embarked on a mission to transform our years of experience helping brands deliver their content around the world into a content creation, adaption, and localisation platform that can transform how Pharma creates and delivers content.

Anthill Activator™ is an intuitive, responsive, cloud-based system that extends the features and streamlines the usability of existing Veeva Vaults. Anthill Activator™ can provide greater independence from external agencies for content creation and ownership, with rich visual editing and localisation features, and deep integration to existing Veeva features that reduce content creation time and empowers local markets to own their content.

Create and adapt quicker and easier

The simple, user-friendly interface allows any user to create or update content but, by using a set of pre-existing templates and pre-approved assets, you can provide a framework for visual coherence and brand consistency throughout your content, no matter where your users are. This helps ensure only approved media is used and that it is implemented within agreed frameworks. In addition, global and local brand themes allow users to quickly create and update HTML content for their brand with no design experience required.

The intuitive user interface adapts to how it's used and prioritises the most relevant features and content to the users' role, allowing them to accomplish their tasks more quickly and at a lower cost. A true WYSIWYG editor that updates in real time as you edit prevents errors before they happen, allowing for faster and more accurate content editing. Users can even open their content directly on their tablet while editing and see their changes appear on the device as they are made.

Because we know that creating and localizing content for your brand is a team effort, Anthill Activator™ allows multiple editors to work on the same content simultaneously and see all changes as they happen. This prevents the wasted effort of aligning changes from various documents and allows your team to work closer and faster than ever before!

Not only are your users now working more efficiently, but none of your content has ever left your Vault! Every saved change, every imported image, and every comment left on a design are stored directly in Vault, and available to your Vault users to easily review and Interact with. This preserves the history of your content creation and gives you complete transparency into the content creation process.

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