Accelerate your Digital Transformation at eyeforpharma Barcelona

One of the hottest topics for pharma conferences at the moment is Digital Transformation. We are continuously being told how rapidly the world around us is changing and how important it is to adapt to these changes. But are rarely told how. How to adapt? How to overcome the challenges of this new Digital world? And how do we turn these challenges into opportunities to innovate and add value?

At Anthill, we empower our clients through their digital transformation journey with a range of services that help deliver memorable customer experience and drive business impact.

Therefore, we welcome you to join our activities at eyeforpharma Barcelona, March 13-15th, to acquire a practical toolset to accelerate your Digital Transformation processes and to obtain the sought-after techniques that will elevate your marketing impact.

Day 1, 14: 45 - 15:15 pm, Purple Room.
Learning and Development track:
"Succeeding in Digital Transformation: Empower your people"

The fast development of Digital Reality requires an equally agile approach to learn how to deal with it. Hence, we invite you to discover how a set of bespoke learning modules will create the foundation to ensure the buy-in and execution of your Digital Transformation roadmap.

Our Chief Solution Officer, Sebastian Kölsch will present how to:

Sebastian Koelsch
  • Embed the necessary capabilities and shared vision required to overcome the biggest hurdles in achieving digital excellence
  • Turn the apprehension often associated with Digital into a common understanding of its opportunities
  • Offer an agile approach to learning equal to the rapidly changing Digital World we operate in
  • Empower your organisation to successfully complete you Digital Transformation journey

Day 2, 12:10 - 13:15pm, Room 112:
"Take your Digital Transformation from Basic to Bold"

Sari Ruth Carter

This workshop session is designed to expand participants’ understanding of what’s necessary to achieve a successful digital transformation. The foundation for this is the four C's of Culture, Capabilities, Collaboration and Confidence. Through practical and inspiring exercises, Chief Commercial Officer, Sabien Kuhn‎, and Digital Strategist, Sari Carter, will challenge you to be more BOLD and will equip you with insights that will drive your success in a rapidly changing digital world.

You will leave the workshop with:

  • Insight into our industry-wide digital excellence survey - identifying critical success factors in digital transformation
  • Practical tools to accelerate your digital transformation process
  • Inspiring examples that will elevate customer experiences and your marketing impact

Want to sign up for the workshop?

Please follow the link and sign up for the workshop on eyeforpharma web-page.

Meet our delegates

To discuss how Anthill can help you plan your digital transformation journey and join the BOLDpharma movement, connect with our dedicated team at booth #49, #51 and #52 - we look forward to meeting you!

Katrine Bach

Katrine Bach, Chief Executive Officer, LinkedIn

Sabien Kuhn

Sabien Kuhn, Chief Commercial Officer, LinkedIn

Tor Kristensen

Tor Kristensen, Chief Technical Officer, LinkedIn

Sebastian Koelsch

Sebastian Koelsch, Chief Solutions Officer, LinkedIn

Alejandra P. Betancourt

Alejandra P. Betancourt, Customer Engagement Director, LinkedIn

Kristian Marquardsen

Kristian Marquardsen, Director of Technical Services, LinkedIn

Sari Ruth Carter

Sari Ruth Carter, Digital Strategist, LinkedIn

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