Activator is the digital innovation that Veeva clients demand

Anthill is buzzing over Activator, our latest digital innovation, which we just showcased at eyeforpharma Barcelona this year. To explain what’s got people in the agency so motivated and people in the industry so excited, we spoke with Tor Kristensen, Chief Technical Officer, to find out more about the features of this novel solution for content marketing and communication.

Anthill’s latest product is called Activator. What exactly does it activate?

Tor Kristensen: Activator is a content creation and management system that activates Veeva Vault by making the content that you store there so much easier to work with. In this way, it also activates your brands by making your communications much more agile.

What kind of things does Activator make possible?

Tor Kristensen: Activator gives you a true WYSIWYG editor, displaying content from Vault. This updates in real time, so ‘what you see’ really is ‘what you get’. You can change text, swap images – do all kinds of content changes – and your edits get saved in Vault. This results in faster and more accurate content editing, which saves a huge amount of time down the road.

Because creating and localising content is a team effort, Activator also enables multiple editors to work on the same content simultaneously. That eliminates the need to consolidate changes from various versions of document, making content creation, adaptation, and review internally a much quicker process.

Do pharma companies really need another content management system?

Tor Kristensen: Activator is exactly what our clients have been demanding. Before Activator, there was no simple solution to streamline content creation processes. Adapting content, managing digital assets, publishing to the CRM, and obtaining LMR approval, often had to be performed in completely separate platforms, which requires additional training and involvement of multiple agencies and departments. Activator can perform all these actions in one system.

Activator also activates Veeva Vault so it helps you get more out of the content and assets you already have in place. None of your content ever leaves Vault so every saved change, every imported image, and every comment left on a design are stored directly in Vault, and available to your Vault users to easily review and interact with. It also notifies you when assets used in your content have newly approved versions and lets you update your content to the latest versions with just a click.

What is driving the need for Activator specifically?

Tor Kristensen: Largely, increased adoption of multichannel strategies are driving the need for Activator. A multichannel approach can be really effective but adding new channels doesn't always mean more budget or resources for content creation. So, there is a greater need for quick, cost effective adaptation and repurposing of content.

With Activator, all of that is so much easier. Content can be quickly adapted to work in different channels and continually updated so that companies can respond quicker to newly published data and the constantly changing pharma landscape.

Do you have a bold vision for pharma?

The BOLDpharma survey is now live. It just takes a few minutes to share your views and, once the survey is closed, we’ll send you a personal benchmarking showing how your experiences match those of the wider industry.

What was top of mind when designing Activator?

Tor Kristensen: Aside from simplifying the content management process, we worked hard on optimising user experience. It was really important to us that Activator wasn't created only for 'super users'. Lots of different people will be using Activator - some will be very confident with digital technology, others less so. We wanted to create an everyday tool that everyone in the brand team would be comfortable using.

Are there any unique features?

Tor Kristensen: One great feature of Activator that really excites clients during demonstrations is the preview feature. When you've created some new content or made changes to existing content in Activator, you'll naturally want to see how the content looks on a specific device so we added a quick and easy preview function. At the press of a button, you can release a QR code. You then just have to scan the code with your mobile device and the content appears on that device. It's that simple.

Ready to find out more?

If you’re a Veeva Vault user, we’d love to give you a demo and explain how Activator can solve your specific challenges. Contact Anthill's Director for Technical Services, Kristian Marquardsen, to register your interest and we’ll make all the arrangements! 

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