Learn how to use digital solutions to their fullest

We know that digital initiatives, such as eDetailing, allow us to capture data. According to a survey conducted by Altimeter, 96% of executives believe that improving their data analysis capabilities are fundamental to delivering a great customer experience. Yet, we often see that a lot of companies are missing the frameworks and processes to actually interpret and apply the data in order to create superior customer experiences.

Get value from your data to create superior CX

While all marketing initiatives, digital or not, have an informative element, digital initiatives allow us to rapidly gain understanding of our customers. This data allows us to understand the behaviour and interests of new and existing customers, and give us an opportunity to transform the way we interact with them. When used to their fullest, digital solutions cannot only serve to improve customer experiences when & where our customers prefer to be engaged, they can also help lower marketing costs while improving business impact.  

On May 9-11th Anthill will be an active participant at Digital Pharma Europe 2018. We are looking forward to joining the discussions about the challenges pharma is facing today and how we can overcome them.

At the conference our Digital Strategist, Sari Carter, and our Technical Services Director, Kristian Marquardsen, will present on the topic of how an optimally designed and implemented digital initiatives can deliver measurable value, using eDetailing as their focus.

How to (not) lose a customer in 10 slides – May 10th at 12:15

In the session you will:

  • Delve into the core offering of digital initiatives: interactivity that yields data
  • Understand the difference between pushing information and learning from your customer
  • Discover the impact possible when you bolster your marketing plan with data collection, reporting, analysis and your reactions to possible outcomes
  • Be challenged to consider that if your marketing plan doesn’t include how you will respond to data then you don’t have a marketing plan that’s fit for a digital world
  • Understand how changing the way you strategically approach your digital initiatives allows you to truly connect and personalise the customer experience

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Get your content faster and safer to market

At the Anthill booth you can experience our revolutionary new digital content management system, Anthill Activator. The system empowers global and local brand managers to engage with marketing material in a seamless and user-friendly workflow. We will be delighted to give you a demo – explaining how it both speeds up your content delivery and makes it more secure.

To learn how Anthill Activator can help you create content faster and smarter with no programming skills needed click here

Alejandra P. Betancourt

Alejandra P. Betancourt, Customer Engagement Director, LinkedIn

Kristian Marquardsen

Kristian Marquardsen, Director of Technical Services, LinkedIn

Sari Ruth Carter

Sari Ruth Carter, Digital Strategist, LinkedIn

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