What I hope to see at Cannes Lions Health 2018

André Hansen, Creative Director at Anthill Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark shares his excitement for judging at the upcoming Cannes Lions Health and what he hopes to see from this year’s entries.

Having the amazing opportunity to cut my teeth on healthcare advertising 13 years ago I simply cannot imagine working in another industry ever again. Through the years I have worked with many passionate professionals around the human condition with a sense of purpose, knowing that our work can result in something meaningful for healthcare professionals and patients.

I believe our responsibility as marketers in the health industry is to assist the consumer's journey to a healthier life. At Anthill, we are committed to empower our clients through digital transformation and to develop memorable and impactful customer experiences. For this reason, I am excited to see how global marketing teams strategically and creatively incorporated novel digital platforms, mobile or wearable tech into the latest health and wellness campaigns. I am especially excited to evaluate the purpose of these campaigns, the level of understanding and insight of the problem at hand and whether they met their promises to consumers.

Perhaps I am most excited to see the groundbreaking creativity of solving important health-related problems in a complex and strictly regulated industry. In my opinion, healthcare marketing teams have some of the most creative individuals out there and it is an honour to witness and award true life-changing ideas.

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