Powerful digital content management for the life sciences

Anthill Agency, a leading life sciences digital agency, has unveiled Anthill Activator™, which enables Veeva users to more efficiently manage their digital resources. Activator makes it easy to create and localise content – improving internal collaboration and powering a much faster response to market demands.

“Anthill Activator™ will transform how people can work with their content," said Katrine Bach, CEO, Anthill Agency. " It makes it easy for everyone to activate their brands by making their digital communications much more agile.”

Before Activator, there was no simple solution to streamline the content creation processes. Adapting content, managing digital assets, publishing to CRM and obtaining LMR approval often had to be performed in completely separate platforms – which requires additional training and involvement of multiple agencies and departments. Activator can perform all these actions in one system.

In this way, the efficiencies produced by Activator help to reduce cost-per-slide and, by speeding up the content handling process, empower local countries to deliver the right content to HCPs in less time.

“Aside from simplifying the content management process, we worked hard on optimising the user experience,” said Tor Kristensen, CTO, Anthill Agency. “It was really important to us that Activator wasn’t created only for ‘super users’. People with many different roles will be using Activator – some will be very confident with digital technology, others less so. We wanted to create an everyday tool that everyone in the brand team would be comfortable using.”

Anthill Activator™ works directly with Veeva Vault to help people get more out of the content and assets they already have in place. No content ever leaves Vault, so every saved change, every imported image, and every update to interactivity made with Activator is stored directly in Vault. To help ensure content is always current and compliant, Activator allows users to quickly update their content to use the latest approved version of digital assets in Vault and notifies them when new versions of their assets become available.

Anthill Agency has the highest level of Veeva Multichannel Content Partner Certification with more than 700 successful projects delivered for Veeva CLM, Approved Email, the Engage Product Family, and MyInsights.

See Anthill Activator™ in action during our next webinar on September 27th.

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About Anthill Agency

Anthill is a digital communication agency focused exclusively on the life sciences. The agency works with more than 35 life science brands, providing digital strategy and innovative content, specialist digital tools and training programmes, that enable companies to realize the full benefits of digital technology in all aspects of their marketing and sales communications.

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