Four takeaways from eyeforpharma’s London conference

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Attending eyeforpharma’s Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe conference is a great way to take the pulse of the pharma industry. You get to hear what’s new in life science digital communications and also learn about the challenges that companies face – learning what’s holding people back.

Key conference takeaways

From all the presentations, roundtables and informal discussion, this year we’ve identified four major lessons.

  • Barriers to transformation: People are keen to implement digital technologies in their daily marketing, but they face three barriers that need to be overcome: leadership buy-in; internal capabilities and confidence; and a fear of non-compliance.
  • Two aspects of digital capability development: Raising a company’s digital competences is equal parts mindset change and actual upskilling. Getting the most from digital requires understanding that it's an opportunity to do something different – working in new ways and offering more to customers – rather than applying technology to what we’re already doing.
  • Measurement drives change: Real change will only occur when people are measured on metrics like HCP satisfaction, patient impact, and the overall customer experience that’s delivered. When there’s a demand for major improvements in these areas, the value of digital communications becomes clear and people will act.
  • Make digital conversational: Digital should allow us to create conversations with customers, but it has mostly been used for one-way communications that push information. There’s a clear desire to get the same kind of back and forth that pharma achieves with its face-to-face interactions but is struggling to figure it out digitally.

Why this is good news

All of this is actually very good news for those who champion the greater use of communications technology in the life sciences. These factors show that the overall conversation is switching from ‘why’ to ‘how’. Most people see the value in digital. They don’t need to be convinced why it’s necessary, but they do need to hear how to make it happen.

Making it happen

If that sounds like you, get in touch. Much of our work these days is partnering with pharma and medtech companies to overcome the barriers to digital transformation – providing not just digital communication materials but working together on change management and creating digital strategies that produce measurable improvements in areas like HCP satisfaction. 

Simply email us to start the conversation.

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