Transform your digital experience at Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit

Anthill will be attending the Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit in Madrid this year, and as a Veeva Technology Partner we look forward to both hearing more about what we can expect from Veeva, as well as engaging with our clients and partners about our vision for digital transformation in the industry.

We’ll be showcasing Anthill Activator – an innovative digital management platform completely integrated with Veeva Vault that allows users to seamlessly create and update content securely, and in less time than ever. Anthill Activator was built to transform how the industry creates and localizes multichannel content by fully leveraging the Digital Asset Management potential of the Veeva platform, and drastically reducing the cost and effort needed to bring content to market. We wanted to address real challenges but also, importantly, keep our actual customers in mind.

“It was imperative to us that Anthill Activator was a tool for everyone, not just designers or developers but something that every member of a brand team would be comfortable using. The Anthill Activator user interface is designed for even the least technical user to be able to quickly edit and update their digital content with little to no training” -Tor Kristensen, CTO, Anthill Agency.

Anthill has always relied on the combination of world-class technical skills and creative vision to support our customers, not only in delivering compelling solutions across platforms and channels, but to help drive a strategic understanding of how to ensure digital content makes the best impact in their markets. All Anthill solutions, including Anthill Activator, are tailored to ensure the support of the latest Veeva Platform requirements, and aligned to Veeva’s technology roadmap to ensure that you will be able to deliver the full potential of the Veeva ecosystem to your organization.

At Anthill we believe that with the right partners, digital transformation, or really business transformation in a digital age, is not only possible but also empowering. With this in mind, we continue to work to develop our technical expertise, strategic offerings, and new and innovative solutions and software. To deep dive into use cases and to discuss how we can move the industry forward, the Anthill team looks forward to joining the Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit in Madrid (3 - 5 December 2018), one of the largest events dedicated to commercial and medical affairs professionals in life sciences.

We will be joining 1,000 industry leaders at the Marriott Auditorium Hotel in Madrid to hear what’s new in the industry, experience the latest technology trends, and share best practices.

Meet our team

To discuss how Anthill can help you close the gap between technical innovation and practical application, connect with our dedicated team and come by booth G10. We look forward to meeting you!

Kim Schaumann Johansen
Chief Commercial Officer

Tor Kristensen

Tor Kristensen
Chief Technical Officer

Kristian Marquardsen
Director of Technical Services

Alejandra P. Betancourt
Customer Engagement Director

Sari R. Carter
Head of Marketing

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